Car Electronic System Optimizer

Car Electronic System Optimizer (CES)

سیستم بهینه ساز مدیریت برق و بنزین اتومبیل (CES)

For situations and climate conditions in the world, existing cars are not applied optimally. Drivers have usually imagined of extra fuel consumption for better efficiency and productivity, but this will result in more fuel consumption and also greater volume of fuel entering into accumulator. On the contrary, it will reduce the capabilities and lifespan of the automobile.

Engine torque will be decreased and the ultimate speed will respectively be reduced and this will necessitate maintenance and service of the car engine.

Car Electronic System Optimizer (CES) is an electronic unit which can improve the ignition, increase the power and instant velocity with less pollution, and also economize fuel consumption.

The desired and ultimate efficiency of this system, directly depends on the generic specifications and conditions of each automobile and the year it is produced.

Specifications and efficiency of the system:

  • Proportionate to the conditions of each car, it saves fuel consumption up to 15%.
  • Increases the car engine power up to 18%.
  • The maximum speed varies in cars according to their differentials, but the improvements will be quite sensible.
  • The unit enhances starter of the car in such a way that the car will be startup easily and quickly, specially in cold weather it will be efficacious.
  • Prolongs battery acid and battery efficiency period (battery lifespan) up to 2 or 3 times as much and this leads to less pollution and more living environment protection.
  • The device inverts the output gasses of the car engine to and in accordance with the standards of living environment of Europe (IV).
  • This system will protect and reduce destruction of car accessories, the system itself has a long life.
  • Intelligently controls and manages voltage alterations of car electricity.
  • It is applicable in gasoline operated cars, however the system is more efficient in non-injecting engines.
  • The above mentioned system has achieved “CE” & “E-Mark” standards of Europe and “SGS” certificate of Standard Institute of USA and also Test Report from the Automotive Research Center of Japan.

Installation method on to the car:

The above mentioned system includes 2 connection cables: the red cable must be connected to the positive (+) pole and the black cable must be connected to the minus (-) pole of the battery of the car, and the system itself must be fixed on to a convenient place around engine. The red indicator on the system shows system operation. Car Electronic System Optimizer (CES) is provided in 2 models::

  1. Model CES – 110 for automobiles with engine capacities of less than 2000cc
  2. Model CES – 120 for automobiles with engine capacities of more than 2000cc