About Us

Parsian Civilization Development Co (PCDC)

Parsian, has been established in 1999, designing and consulting in software and hardware, Telecommunication, broadcasting and etc. Some of these activities are as Follow:

Expanding the cell phone technology day by day world wide, As there are millions of users every where. But the cell conversations do not take place in some situations due to the inappropriate geographical and signal receiving. With a long-term experience in this field that have been the best Signal Repeaters (in a fixed & movable situation) as well as Signal Blockers, PCDC solved this problem.

As for the inquiry of buyers & consumers for security systems, we have been deciding to present a transferring system for Audio and video taken by cameras via local phone lines.

Regarding the forth economical, social and cultural program approved by the Parliament of Islamic Republic Of Iran, the bill of issuing National Identity Cards and since there is a deadline and huge amount of appliers for this card, PCDC has the plan to come along with this national project and designed a system based on Registration Offices since 2002.

PCDC is a leading company in supplying and distributing its products in a wide range to international markets of 7 countries. In this field we have been welcomed by distributors in the world market.

Our company has 14 sales representatives along with 153 sales agents. All of its agents and representatives are ready for giving services throughout the Iran.

Parsian Civilization Development General Trading Co, Import-Export

Parsian Civilization Development General Trading is a large commercial company that supplies and distributes various products in the fields of foodstuff, electronic & IT as well as introducing and supply of some products with the world’s newly updated technology throughout the country. The company is engaged in import and export of mentioned goods in a broad range of domestic and foreign brands with various capacities and quantities. The company’s, General Trading, business activities are not limited to supply, import and export of above mentioned goods, but it is involved with other fields in business area such as taking and granting sales representative, cooperating with traders and exporters settled in ports, working together with other Iranian corporations involved with importing goods, services and etc. Among the Parsian CD General Trading Company’s superiorities to indicate are cutting out the present intermediaries and providing customers with goods at direct factory and manufacturer price.